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REG International offers a wide variety of engineering services for every possible aspect of your project, from the planning and design stages to the implementation, testing and start-up stages, as well as everything in between. We offer services for all tasks that a project may require, whether they are at a high-level overview or in the specific details of the project.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced engineers and experts and our extensive net of resources and contacts ensure that we can resolve any engineering problem and provide any engineering service you require. Our areas of expertise cover the following fields/industries:

  1. design and production (manufacturing) of aircraft, rockets and helicopters;
  2. design, production (manufacturing) and maintenance of aircraft, rocket and helicopter engines and power-plant units;
  3. design, production (manufacturing) and maintenance of aircraft electric systems and piloting/navigation systems;
  4. radioengineering: space instruments, radioelectronic device design and production;
  5. technology of microelectric devices, microelectronics and other microdevices;
  6. engineering for the oil and gas industry: equipment, machinery, drilling, extraction, pipelines and oil refinery equipment;
  7. geophysics;
  8. civil engineering;
  9. equipment for manufacturing;
  10. mechanical and electrical equipment for general/various purposes;
  11. strength calculations for pressure vessels and systems working under pressure;
  12. cutting tools made from synthetic and natural diamonds.

If you would like to inquire about our engineering services or if you have any other questions, please CONTACT US and one of our experts will reply to you within 48 hours.

All information submitted to the Russian Engineering Group will be kept FULLY CONFIDENTIAL.

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Engineering Services