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REG International, Inc. provides full-scale consulting services in the following fields/areas:

  1. Engineering;
  2. Business;
  3. Law;
  4. Customs, customs taxation and import/export laws, rules and regulations.
  5. Certification and permit issues, such as GOST R Certificates of Conformity (COCs), RTN/GGTN and GEN Permits, and others

We can provide consultation for any matter in the five fields above for the Russian Federation. Whether you are engaging in large-scale projects, such as building a manufacturing facility or starting a new business/venture, or just need advice on importing/exporting a few pieces of equipment, we can help.

We can also supplement our consulting services with realistic, effective solutions, all under the same roof. Our services go beyond just giving advice - we can also furnish for you everything necessary to make your ideas work. To do that, we offer a multitude of services, from providing certification and technical documentation that may be necessary for your project, to engineering services, business services or feasibility studies, which enables you to get a lot of things done without running around to many different companies and also cuts total cost.

If you would like to inquire about our consulting services or if you have any other questions, please CONTACT US and one of our experts will reply to you within 48 hours.

All information submitted to the Russian Engineering Group will be kept FULLY CONFIDENTIAL.

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