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(formerly known as Glavgosenergonadzor or GGEN Expert Conclusions)

You will require a Gosenergonadzor (GEN) Expert Conclusion for the installation, start-up, and operation of explosion-proof or intrinsically safe electrical equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation. Gosenergonadzor of Russia is a federal agency charged with enforcing safety of use of all electrical equipment.

Click on the sample Expert Conclusion on the left to see a full-size version.

We can obtain Gosenergonadzor (GEN) Expert Conclusions for your equipment. We can also translate and prepare complete documentation packages necessary for obtaining the GEN Expert Conclusions.

In order to obtain a Gosenergonadzor (GEN) Expert Conclusion, the following documents must be furnished:

  1. Letter of application for GEN Expert Conclusion (form will be provided by us).
  2. Declaration of Conformity (form will be provided by us).
  3. Certificates of Authorization issued to the manufacturer by third-party organizations (ISO, API, ASME, NEC, NEMA, ASTM, National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspectors, XP, CENELEC Ex Certificates with testing protocols, etc.), if the manufacturer is certified by any of the aforementioned organizations.
  4. First and last pages of the contract between the seller and the buyer or end user. We do not need any confidential information, only the seller and buyer names, addresses, the contract number and the date of signing. It is needed because this information must be included in the GEN Expert Conclusion.
  5. The complete list of equipment to be included in the GEN Expert Conclusion.
  6. Technical documentation consisting of:
    1. Drawings (assembly drawings(s) if for single unit, general arrangement for entire system if there are multiple components, principal electrical drawing(s)).
    2. Technical information and parameters.
    3. List of major components and list of spare parts.
    4. Installation, operation and repair manuals.
  7. Test reports and protocols for each unit as a whole. For measuring devices, test reports and calibration reports (protocols).

Please contact us for a more detailed explanation of what will be required to obtain a Permit for your equipment.